Knox Music Coalition was created with the hopes of giving Knoxville's music community a voice and providing its musicians with the resources to grow our music scene.

KMC first began as a musician's meet-up. Knoxville artists, promoters, venue owners, radio hosts and other music influencers gathered to discuss the local music scene and brainstorm actionable solutions to common problems. 

As we continue to expand on the thoughts, ideas and discussions from our monthly meetings, we are always looking for ways to add resources and opportunities to Knoxville’s music scene. 

Our goal is to strengthen and connect Knoxville’s music scene through educational programs, career development resources and music advocacy within the local community.



We believe music is a powerful unifier.  It is a medium of art that is accessible to all and creates a space for community to form. Music brings clarity and meaning to the suffering and dissonance in our lives. It also amplifies the joy and peace. More than anything,  we believe music belongs in Knoxville.

Music has always been a part of our city’s identity, but it’s time we start to claim it. We believe Knoxville can be a city that holds music in a high place of value. We believe knoxville can be a place where we foster and empower our musicians to be the best, most creative versions of themselves. We believe Knoxville deserves more music-first spaces. We have hope that music will flourish in our city and we look forward to embracing the creativity that comes from our city's incredibly talented musicians.


Music is important. It is valuable. Music changes lives.