Adeem the Artist  is an eclectic singer-songwriter based in Knoxville, TN. His sound is informed by the vast vernacular of folk, indie-pop and Americana; using this palette, he creates a truly compelling and personal narrative in the vein of visionary artists the likes of Glenn Hansard, Bright Eyes, and Johnny Cash.  

A Syracuse native, Adeem cut his teeth at the Lost Horizon where he spilled his blood on stage with his aggressive strumming. His existential music has echoed both the quiet prayers that come with thoughtful meditation and the aggressive questioning reflective of his inquisitive nature; a line he walked haphazardly during his year as a solo performer onboard Carnival Cruise Lines. 

Clumsily navigating the divide between entertainment and artistry, Adeem presents cerebral music with a literary aesthetic. It is listening music suited well to venues like Arlene’s Grocery in NYC and Eddies Attic in Atlanta “but don’t expect the usual niceties of the folk movement to come to the fore, certainly not the current breed.” 

His new album, "Kyle Adem is Dead" presents a departure from his former pseudonym “Kyle Adem.” It acts as the debut release under this new moniker; presented on 8 April 2016. This self-referential collection of spirited songs was recorded in four hours at The Ghost Motel in Knoxville, TN. Thematically broad and sonically dynamic, Adeem has crafted a breathtakingly honest piece of music that is both incendiary and inspiring.



"With Kyle Adem is Dead, Adeem the Artist strives to be sincere in every sense, finding the bravery not just to declare his love for his wife but to voice his fears, his weaknesses, his exasperation with life as we live it."

- Jon Doyle | Wake The Deaf

"[Adeem the Artist] writes about the questions in a pensive Americana style. His songs will both comfort you and challenge you."

- American Songwriter

"[Adeem the Artist] is both comedic and dark at times. He plays the acoustic guitar and, technically, he would be considered folk but don't expect the usual niceties of the folk movement to come to the fore, certainly not the current breed."

- D.W. Dunphy | Pop Dose


"[Adeem the Artist] has put together an instrumentally rich and lyrically unique album..."

- Vance Mook | Absolute Punk

"...wholly original. Call it indie-pop or folk rock, but it's a fully fleshed-out vision of [Adeem the Artist's] quirky, often funny, always poignant songwriting." 

- Steve Wildsmith | The Daily Times

"...intense self-awareness morphing into self-deprecation that make(s) his romping, whimsical folk songwriting so hooky, ebullient, affecting and memorable..."

Luke Brogden | Blank News