Guy Marshall is not your average hombre. A coarse mixture of outlaw country, roots rock, and Appalachian folk traditions converge into a powerful, yet serene sonic landscape under the direction and guided vision of husband and wife duo, Adam and Sarrenna McNulty. Paying homage to his roots, Adam named the band after his late grandfather, Guy Marshall Shirley. Steve Wildsmith of the Maryville Daily Times writes, "Shirley passed away in 2008, but the kind of man that he was and the land he called home lives on in the music made by McNulty and his wife, Sarrenna. Together, with a few talented friends, they’ve made Guy Marshall an up-and-coming East Tennessee roots-rock outfit that plays with touching beauty and sincerity." This cast of talented, misfit comrades include: Eric Griffin on electric guitar (and songwriting), Jonathan Keeney on pedal steel, Travis Bigwood on bass, and Zach Gilleran on drums. Candidly described by Johnny Sughrue of BLANK news as “Clad in beards, flannel and a dress, slinging acoustic/electric instruments harmonizing beautifully over well crafted tunes that could tear your heart out. For a newer group, the sound was powerful, like old pros.” Adam writes songs of a time in which family and honor meant more. His songs recount tales inspired by Appalachian culture, country living, and true family stories. These inspirations have oriented Adam’s songwriting sentiment within a honest and pure context. Elegant arrangements, captivating harmonies, vivid wordplay, and haunting melodies all contribute to the unique sound of Guy Marshall.