Nigh Colors is a trio composed of producer, songwriter, and vocalist Elijah Cruise along side his sister, vocalist, Hannah Cruise and drummer, producer, Cale Bramer.

The band uses layered harmonies over minimalistic soundscapes to create an immersive and chilling listening experience. Night Colors was named as a top band to watch by Blank Newspaper. Their debut single “Shadow” (February 25th) is a tasteful mixture of folk harmonies and 80s synth pop highlighting the struggles of feeling powerless in bad relationships. Hazel’s first EP “Emotion Synthesis” is set to release Summer 2017. 



Youth is a great thing. Youth brings energy, curiosity and innovation and the willingness to take risks. Knoxville is especially blessed in having a constant crop of hungry, exciting new musicians burst onto the scene and bloom into exciting, vital artists in front of our eyes-bright new stars in the local music constellation. Night Colors is one of those bands.           - Blank Newspaper, Luke Brogden


After Hannah graduated, the trio decided to pursue a full-time musical project together, and from that, Hazel was born. That was a year and a half ago; since then, the trio has been crafting a sound that’s refreshingly original, with nods to the electro-folk of Rilo Kiley and the ethereal elegance of acts like Weyes Blood and She Keeps Bees.         - Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times