Mic Harrison & THe High Score


When Mic Harrison and the High Score decided to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a band, they decided they wanted both a release and a show that was really special.

The just-released “Anytime You’re Ready, Let Her Go” is a classic country single that in a better world would be a No. 1 country hit. And if the second voice on the song sounds familiar, that’s legendary country star Con Hunley, who is currently undergoing a rediscovery by fans of real country music.

Mic and the High Score performed with Hunley for a historic set at the Knoxville music festival Waynestock in 2013. When Hunley kicked off the set by telling the band “Anytime you’re ready, let ‘er go!” Harrison filed that line away to write a song about yearning and heartbreak. Another story from the band’s first practice with Hunley inspired the single’s rocking B-side “Broken Hearted in a Single Wide.”


“Mic’s songwriting really shines brightly on such a small record. It takes some great musicianship and songwriting technique to show a full range of diverse music within just two songs. From the single strummed chords and matching harmonies of “Anytime Your Ready”, to the raucous pitch harmonic guitar driven leads of “Broken Hearted In A Single Wide”, this 7″ record encapsulates what great AMERICANA ROCK N’ ROLL is!” – Von Cloedt 2015 : AmericanaRockMix.com

“The band’s new release, Vanishing South, trades in a strain of alt. country that’s more common on the stages of small town dives than on your favorite radio station or on the shelves of that great record store that doesn’t really exist anymore. Think Bottle Rockets. Blue Mountain. Maybe some of the rootsier dBs? A Mic Harrison & the High Score number is constructed from the guitar out, never more busy than necessary, but always smarter than you’d expect…” – Scott Foley 2017 : Routes & Branches

“..And so is “Vanishing South,” in the old-school way of album expectations, when fanboys and girls knew that their favorite artist was putting out something special, and they’d get to the record store on a Tuesday morning as the proprietor unchained the door. From the wistful harmonies of “Home” to the bad-to-the-bone instrumental “Murder Surf” to the joyous pop bounce of “Indiana Drag Race,” the new record is solid through and through.” Steve Wildsmith: 2017 The Maryville Daily Times